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Gates & Access Control Services

Bonded, Insured, License # 1100195

Wrought Iron Gates & Fences | Gates Fabrication

Wrought Iron Gates & Fences Gates Fabrication in San Francisco Bay Area

Welcome to Garage Door & Gate Pros, the ultimate destination for exquisitely wrought iron gates and fences in the magnificent San Francisco Bay Area. Our forte is creating, installing, and maintaining top-notch, sturdy wrought iron gates and fences, catering to residential and commercial domains. Through our profound mastery, impeccable artistry, and unwavering pursuit of perfection, we wholeheartedly endeavor to elevate your valuable property’s allure, fortification, and longevity.

Problem Solved

Are you seeking an exquisite and dependable remedy for your wrought iron gates and fences in the vibrant and picturesque San Francisco Bay Area? Are fabrication, installation, or maintenance services a necessity? Seek no further! Discover the ultimate answer at Garage Door & Gate Pros. Our talented and seasoned squad is passionately committed to resolving your wrought iron gate and fence predicaments, elevating your esteemed property’s safeguarding, allure, and worth.

Our Main Services

Gates Fabrication

Garage Door & Gate Pros boasts exceptional craftsmen, masters of wrought iron gate fabrication, who take immense pride. Collaborating closely with you, we grasp your design preferences and functional needs, blending age-old methods with cutting-edge technology. The result? Exquisite and enduring wrought iron gates perfectly mirror your distinct style. Whether you yearn for intricate patterns or lean towards minimalistic charm, our skilled team breathes life into your creative vision, shaping it with finesse.

Fences Fabrication

Not only do we excel in gates, but we also specialize in crafting exquisitely wrought iron fences. Our skilled team designs and constructs barriers that combine security and sophistication, elevating your property. We cater to your aesthetic preferences and requirements with a wide selection of ornamental, picket, and privacy designs. Our wrought iron fences are durable, enduring the trials of time while ensuring enhanced security and seclusion.

Installation and Maintenance

After the fabrication, our skilled technicians precisely install wrought iron gates and fences, ensuring seamless integration with your property. We prioritize both security and aesthetics, delivering visually appealing results. Furthermore, we provide maintenance services to optimize the condition of your gates and fences. Regular inspections, cleaning, and touch-ups are vital for their long-term beauty and durability.

Our Working Process

How It Woks

Our meticulous approach ensures exceptional results in fabricating, installing, and maintaining wrought iron gates and fences.


We delve into your design preferences and functional needs in the consultation phase. Our expert team carefully evaluates your property, engaging in extensive discussions to grasp your unique vision. Subsequently, we provide tailored recommendations, suggesting the most fitting solutions for wrought iron gates and fences that align with your requirements.

Design and Fabrication

We craft unique designs through consultations and begin the fabrication process. Our artisans expertly utilize premium wrought iron, employing techniques that guarantee exceptional craftsmanship and long-lasting durability.


At our installation service, skilled technicians meticulously handle every step, ensuring precision and utmost care. Your wrought iron gates and fences are expertly installed, aligning flawlessly with your property’s aesthetics while meeting all functional requirements. We prioritize a seamless integration process.


Our comprehensive maintenance services ensure optimal conditions for your wrought iron gates and fences. Skilled technicians inspect, touch up, and offer ongoing care suggestions. Experience peace of mind with our meticulous approach.

Our Core Value

Why Choose Us

Garage Door & Gate Pros stands out as the ideal option for your wrought iron gate and fence requirements due to various compelling reasons.

Craftsmanship and Expertise

A team of passionate craftsmen blends traditional wrought iron methods with modern techniques, guaranteeing unparalleled quality and meticulous attention to detail in all our projects. Our skilled artisans pour their hearts into every creation, infusing it with timeless beauty that transcends trends.


Embracing the essence of individuality, we grasp the unusual nature of every property, tailoring solutions to harmonize with your distinct design inclinations and practical needs. Collaborating intimately, our adept team crafts exquisite wrought iron gates and fences, mirroring your personal flair and enhancing the visual allure of your premises.

Durability and Security

Crafted with utmost care and expertise, our wrought iron gates and fences boast unparalleled durability and security. We guarantee their resilience against harsh weather conditions by utilizing premium materials and advanced techniques. Experience ultimate tranquility and safeguard your property with our robust wrought-iron creations.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

Our exquisitely crafted wrought iron gates and fences serve a dual purpose, adding functionality and undeniable charm. Their captivating designs, radiating timeless elegance, leave a lasting impact while increasing your property’s allure. These enchanting features can elevate your property’s aesthetic appeal and augment its market value.

Servcice Area

WITH PRIDE, Garage Door & Gate Pros cater to the vibrant San Francisco Bay Area, encompassing San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, and neighboring communities. Seeking exceptional expertise in wrought iron gate and fence fabrication, installation, or maintenance? Look no further, for we’re your reliable support.

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Looking to inquire, consult, or book a service? Get in touch with us at (925) 701-9654. Our staff is friendly, well-informed, and eager to assist, offering the information you seek. Embrace our wrought iron gates and fences’ allure, strength, and lasting quality. Experience them firsthand in the vibrant San Francisco Bay Area by contacting Garage Door & Gate Pros today.

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Wrought Iron Gates & Fences | Gates Fabrication


Enduring, secure, and stunning—wrought iron gates and fences offer multiple advantages, including durability, safety, and aesthetic appeal. They stand strong against the elements and keep intruders at bay while adding timeless charm and allure to your property.
Absolutely! At Smart Gates and Controls Pros Inc, we embrace customization. We collaborate closely with clients, tailoring wrought iron gates and fences to match their styles and enhance their property’s visual harmony.
Timelines vary based on project complexity and size. We prioritize efficiency without compromising quality. During the consultation, we’ll outline a timeline for your project.
Indeed! Our maintenance services ensure long-lasting beauty and durability. Inspections, cleaning, and touch-ups preserve their splendor. Obtain expert advice to optimize gate and fence maintenance with personalized schedules for superior upkeep.
Absolutely! Skilled technicians adeptly mend weathered, rusted, or damaged wrought iron gates and fences. We restore both functionality and appearance, leaving them as good as new.
Craftsmanship, expertise, and customer satisfaction drive us. From design to fabrication and installation, we uphold unwavering quality. Our dedicated artisans consistently surpass expectations.

Connect with Garage Door & Gate Pros today to discuss your wrought iron gate and fence requirements in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our team eagerly awaits your questions and guarantees exquisite, reliable solutions for your property.

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