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Gates & Access Control Services

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Gates & Access Control Services

Bonded, Insured, License # 1100195

Gate Safety Devices

Gate Safety Devices

Gate Safety Devices

At Garage Door & Gate Pros, we’re deeply committed to ensuring our clients access the best-in-class gate safety devices. We prioritize all our clients’ safety, convenience, and peace of mind by providing innovative solutions in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our expertise covers many gate safety devices, including Gate Safety Loop Photo Eyes, Gate Edges, and Microwave Vehicle Detection Systems.

Problem Solved

Safety is a vital aspect when dealing with automated gates. We know that a significant risk is associated with automatic gates and doors malfunctioning, which can lead to accidents and property damage. To mitigate such risks, we employ a variety of advanced devices that ensure your gates function smoothly, respond accurately to control inputs, and reduce potential accidents. Our machines solve safety problems and enhance the convenience of operating your gates.

Our Core Values

Why Choose Us

When you entrust your gate safety needs to Garage Door & Gate Pros you choose a partner dedicated to your utmost safety and convenience. Here’s why we stand out:

Superior Customer Service

We believe in building lasting relationships with our customers. Our team responds promptly, addresses concerns, and offers comprehensive support post-installation. With unwavering commitment, we tirelessly strive to guarantee absolute customer satisfaction and perpetually address their ever-evolving safety requirements.

We have a long-standing presence in the field of gate safety, offering unparalleled expertise in providing state-of-the-art safety solutions. Our team comprises professionals with in-depth knowledge and practical experience.

Experience and Expertise

Our products are sourced from trusted manufacturers, ensuring robustness, reliability, and long-lasting performance.

Quality Assurance

Our products and services are competitively priced, providing effective safety solutions without causing financial strain

Value for Mone

Our expert technicians ensure flawless installation and functionality of safety devices, reducing potential risks and enhancing longevity.

Professional Installation

Choose Garage Door & Gate Pros for your gate safety devices and experience a blend of safety, convenience, and exceptional customer service. Trust us to protect your gates, property, and peace of mind.

Garage Door & Gate Pros

How It Works

At Garage Door & Gate Pros, we utilize advanced technologies and systems to provide your gates the utmost safety and convenience.

Gate Safety Loop Photo Eyes

This technology ensures that your gates stop or reverse upon detecting any object in their path. These devices emit invisible light across the gate’s opening by utilizing advanced infrared technology. If an object interrupts this light, the sensor signals the gate to stop or reverse, preventing potential accidents.

Gate Edges

We offer sensitive gate edges that respond to physical contact. When contact is detected, the gate edge signals the motor to stop or reverse the gate’s motion. This feature is crucial in preventing vehicle damage and ensuring pedestrians’ safety.

Microwave Vehicle Detection Systems

These devices detect moving or stationary vehicles using microwave motion technology. The system triggers the gate to open when a car approaches, thereby reducing wait times and improving convenience for drivers.

Each system is designed to enhance safety and convenience, providing seamless control over your gates while preventing accidents and improving overall gate operations.

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The Gate Safety Loop Photo Eye emits an infrared beam across the gate’s path. If an object interrupts this beam, it signals the gate to stop or reverse its motion.

Gate Edges are designed to detect physical contact. When contact is made, these sharp edges signal the gate to stop or reverse, thus preventing accidents.

The system uses microwave technology to sense the presence of stationary or moving vehicles in its vicinity, triggering the gate to open when a car approaches.

Yes, our safety devices are designed to be compatible with various types of gates, including swing gates, sliding gates, and more.

The Gate Safety Loop Photo Eyes are designed to function effectively in all weather conditions.

Yes, this system works round the clock, regardless of lighting conditions.

Our gate edges are highly sensitive and respond instantly to any physical contact to prevent accidents.

The system is primarily designed to detect large metallic objects like vehicles. However, it may not reliably differentiate between a person and a car.

The infrared technology used in these devices ensures they function optimally in various weather conditions, including rain or snow.

While our devices come with user-friendly installation guides, we recommend professional installation to ensure optimal functioning and safety.

At Garage Door & Gate Pros, we’re more than a service provider; we’re your safety partner. Entrust your gate safety needs to us, and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your property is secure and protected.

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