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Gates & Access Control Services

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Gates & Access Control Services

Bonded, Insured, License # 1100195

Driveway Gate Installation, Repair & Service

Driveway Gate Installation, Repair & Service in San Francisco Bay Area

Garage Door & Gate Pros is your reliable source for cutting-edge driveway gate solutions in the vibrant San Francisco Bay Area. Whether it’s residential or commercial, we excel in installing, repairing, and maintaining driveway gates with utmost precision and finesse. Our team’s profound knowledge and state-of-the-art technology ensure top-notch security, captivating aesthetics, and unparalleled convenience for your valuable property. Trust us to safeguard and elevate your driveway experience.

One Time Solution

Problem Solved

In the sprawling landscape of the vibrant San Francisco Bay Area, where reliability and aesthetic allure converge, are you in search of a driveway gate solution that surpasses all expectations? Rest assured, Garage Door & Gate Pros CONTROLS, PROS INC emerges as the answer, equipped to address your gate-related needs. With profound expertise and unwavering commitment, our accomplished team strives to unravel the complexities of your driveway gate quandaries, bolstering the safeguarding and ease of access to your valuable domain. Maintenance, repairs, and a seamless sanctuary await!

What We Do

Our Main Services

Driveway Gates

We specialize in personalized driveway gate installations at Garage Door & Gate Pros. Choose from swing gates, sliding gates, or fully customized designs. Our skilled technicians guarantee flawlessly secure installations. We collaborate closely, valuing your preferences and offering expert guidance. Our objective? Crafting an awe-inspiring entrance that harmonizes with your property while delivering dependable protection.

Commercial Driveway

Our company specializes in top-notch, fortified driveway gate solutions for commercial properties in the bustling San Francisco Bay Area. Tailored for the distinct demands of these settings, we excel in access control, traffic management, and long-lasting durability. Our commercial gates are built tough, braving constant use while boasting cutting-edge security features and seamless integration with access control systems. From parking lots to industrial sites and expansive commercial complexes, we possess the know-how to cater precisely to your requirements.

Service &

Regular maintenance is vital to ensure lasting durability and peak performance of your driveway gate. Garage Door & Gate Pros delivers all-encompassing plans, guaranteeing pristine gate conditions. We conduct inspections, lubrication, and adjustments to avoid problems, prolonging gate lifespan. Count on our adept technicians for swift, trustworthy repairs and troubleshooting.


Our expertise extends beyond driveway gates to encompass specialized barrier gate systems, a reliable means of managing traffic flow and access. Whether it’s a parking lot, toll booth, or gated community, we tailor barrier gates to meet your precise needs. Trust our team to install, repair, and maintain these gates, guaranteeing seamless functionality and enhanced security.

Our Working Process

How it Works

At our company, we’ve devised a streamlined and effective approach to handle driveway gate installation, repair, and service. From start to finish, our process ensures convenience and satisfaction.


Embarking on a journey to comprehend your distinctive requisites and aims, we delve into an exploration of your individual desires. Our adept and experienced team meticulously evaluates your property, engaging in fruitful discourse to ascertain your inclinations, ultimately presenting the ideal driveway gate solution that resonates harmoniously with your discerning taste.

Design and Planning

We meticulously craft a bespoke driveway gate after careful consultation to fulfill your artistic vision and ensure utmost security. Our design includes gate style, premium materials, automation choices, and seamless integration with existing systems.


Our proficient technicians deftly handle the intricate installation process of gates with utmost precision and meticulousness. Rest assured, we leave no room for error as we seamlessly integrate and automate them, harmonizing with your pre-existing systems.
Service and Maintenance: Introducing our comprehensive service and maintenance packages designed exclusively for your driveway gate. Our highly skilled technicians diligently inspect, adjust, and resolve any arising issues, guaranteeing optimal performance.

Our Core Value

Why Choose Us

Garage Door & Gate Pros stands out as the ultimate solution for all your driveway gate requirements, with numerous compelling reasons to opt for their services.

Expertise and Experience

Boasting extensive industry experience, we excel in driveway gate installation, repair, and service. Our team’s expertise encompasses all aspects while staying abreast of cutting-edge trends and technologies, ensuring optimal solutions for you.

Customized Solutions

At our core, we grasp the individuality of every property, honing our services to suit your exact needs. Whether gate design or automation choices, our bespoke solutions harmonize with your preferences, financial considerations, and imperative security demands.

Quality and Reliability

We meticulously procure exceptional gate systems and components through strategic partnerships with renowned manufacturers. Our installations epitomize precision, guaranteeing reliable and efficient operation for your driveway gate.

Exceptional Customer Service

Unparalleled customer service is our utmost priority; we prioritize customer satisfaction above all. Our dedicated team diligently caters to your needs, promptly responding and guaranteeing your utmost contentment.

Servcice Area

Garage Door & Gate Pros, a premier service provider, proudly caters to the vibrant San Francisco Bay Area. Offering top-notch driveway gate installation, repair, and prompt assistance to individuals in San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, and neighboring communities. Our expert team ensures impeccable service delivery, guaranteeing your satisfaction. Trust us for all your gate-related needs.

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Looking for assistance or a schedule? Dial (925) 701-9654 for inquiries, consultations, or service requests. Our courteous and erudite staff exudes a profound enthusiasm for assisting patrons at our establishment. Contact Garage Door & Gate Pros now to explore secure, visually appealing, and convenient driveway gate solutions in the vibrant San Francisco Bay Area.

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Access Controls Installation & Repair


Swing gates, sliding gates, custom designs, and commercial-grade gates we handle them all!

Absolutely! We offer automation services to enhance convenience and security.

Regular maintenance once a year ensures smooth operation and extends its lifespan.
Security, privacy, curb appeal—it adds value and control over access to your property.

Keypads, intercoms, biometric readers—we specialize in seamless integration.

Unmatched customer satisfaction, exceptional service, and customized solutions define us.
Yes, prompt assistance is our priority to restore your gate’s functionality.

Contact Garage Door & Gate Pros today for reliable and efficient San Francisco Bay Area driveway gate solutions. Our team is here to answer your questions and fulfill your requirements.

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